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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

Our designs do not cost- they earn!

We’re the team who’ve delivered awesome projects and make a long lasting trustable relationship with our clients. We believe that the key to a successful brand is its ability to be adored. Every brand must find a magical connection with their consumer to dole out some love at every possible touch point.

We excel in Interior Design for F&B, Retail and Commercial projects and we do it with a huge smile on our face as it’s what we love to do.

So if you like the sound of working with crazy bunch of incredibly creative designers and passionate on-time deliverables project managers that have a passion for unique projects, then get in touch!

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Our Style

Formed by a love of history, we love keeping as much of the bones of a structure as we can. Marrying in your personality is what really brings a space design together!


Our Approach

Communication is key. We're here for whatever you need. We'll help you solidify your vision and keep in constant contact until your dream is realized!


Our Network

With a collective 20 years experience our network is vast! From architects and builders to artists and brokers, we've got every step of the process covered!

Our Process

  1. The Connection

    Get in touch with us & let us know what you need

  2. On - board Meeting

    Keeping your needs at the forefront, we will discuss the Project, Scope of work, Budget, Timelines & our process.

  3. Proposal

    We'll send you a proposal outlining your project scope and detailing our design fees

  4. The Design

    Here we create a complete design concept and source the proposed vision based on your preferences and lifestyle

  5. Material Finalization

    Here we present the materials sample before executing an site

  6. The Execution

    After finalizing & approving the design we shipped the required material from our Warehouse and receiving it.

  7. Handover/ Post Sale Service

    We will provide post sales services after handing over the project


Why Clients Prefer Us?

Expertise in Design

Passion and Devotion are the admit cards to Greystone Infra. Quite naturally then, Greystone Infra’s difference is our people who always strive to innovate things & bring creativity at every projects


What we say, we preach - the deliverables are always what we share & discussed with the client in terms of design or material

Strategic Planning

Our experienced Project Managers & architects do a thorough planning and create a blueprint of the complete project cycle. Doing a complete risk analysis of the project and mitigating it timely.

Competitive Approach

We always get into the shoes of our clients and have a competitive approach with respect to Cost as well as Time. Delivering the projects in the shortest time and industry best pricing without compromising on Quality.

Our Reviews

Our Clients

Amp Up The Workspace Outlook With The Best Corporate Office Interior Designer

The modern workspace is not just a place to meet stakeholders & clients, but also, it's where your employees spend the majority of their time to come up with innovative ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. A better office interior, propagates efficient business functionality and positively impacts employee productivity....

At Greystone, our focus is to facilitate you with elegant and sophisticated interior designs that you wish to have at your workplace. With innovative artisanship in interior design, we create designs that increase functionality and exhibit a distinguished style that casts a good impression on everyone who visits your workplace.

We have rich industrial knowledge and hands-on experience in delivering projects of different scales. Our extensive and comprehensive efforts ensure you receive the alluring and welcoming design you aspire for in your workplace. Moreover, we address all the evolving business needs and facilitate you with an agile and innovative design that presents your business ethics at the first appearance.

As an Interior Design company, we focus on Corporate office designs, Retail designs, Hospitality businesses, F&B, etc. We create business spaces that suit your business requirements and needs. We have a team of experts and skilled people who transform your vision into existence.

How Does An Interior Design Company Proceed To Provide You With Aspired Business Places?

The commercial interior designing company interprets different design aspects that may affect the business. Understanding clients' needs and then executing is a thing designer must do, and it allows designers to customize the direction of style, shape, and visual impact.

Commercial designers must understand the work culture and behaviour of employees. Taking the proper measures and meeting the client's aspirations is necessary. The designer must understand the designated area for design, and it ensures the designer can visualize the required layout.

Creating the blueprint plan is the thing that the designer does next and then proceeds. The plan is per the business's day-to-day operations and the space's nature, allowing the designer to deliver a more efficient and stunning workspace.

Our Services As a Corporate Office Interior Designer

We facilitate our clients with comprehensive solutions through the following services: -

3-D Visualisation: We facilitate our clients with the idea of how the conditioning of their workspaces will appear before things proceed in the specified direction. By providing the isometric projection of the layout of their workplace, we ensure they can have a preview of the same.

MEP Consultancy: We also provide the aspired consultancy for the building's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects. With the same, we keep a safe and sound environment in the workspace.

Space Planning: We make sure that the best possible use of the available space can be accumulated. It allows us to provide you with a layout that meets your unique requirements. Through this, we improve the efficiency of your workspace.

Project Management Consultancy: We plan the execution of things in a manner that results in the smooth handling of things from the beginning to the closure of the work.

Design Consultancy: We assist our clients with a refinished and decorated workplace.

Design & Build: We provide the required blueprint for a designated space and can implement the same with the help of our experts.

How Is Greystone the Best Choice for Commercial Interior Designing?

We provide designs that improve functionality and have the desired style or aesthetic. With efforts in the right direction and systematic planning, we ensure that you receive a usable and beautiful workspace. We make a 360-degree exploration of your workspace and begin with the design by space calculation.

When we begin office room interior design, we go through all the architectural details. Our experts select the colour and style that suits the needs of your business. We provide our clients with solutions that are innovative yet cost-effective. Our experts understand the needs of businesses, ensuring that the interior designs are best for their clients and employees. By emphasizing the reliability of the design, we provide it with the required longevity.

When decorating the designated business place, we select the material and colours after considering the respective industry norms and practices.

Simplicity blended with sophistication is more appealing to everyone. We focus on providing designs that are attractive but sober at the same time.

We provide different workspaces with different designs by using creativity and innovative ideas. It has allowed us to handle projects of several concerned industries.

Uniformity, symmetry, and consistency are the things that make the design worth the watch. It provides the design with the required professional vibe, and we maintain analogousness to provide the design with aspired texture in the workspace.

We understand the delicacy of the work and provide clients with the best solution. We offer top-notch interior designing services in Delhi NCR, and our team of designers has completed and delivered some of the luxurious projects in NCR. We always emphasize customer satisfaction and have facilitated our clients with the best designs matching their needs.

Choosing us as their corporate office interior designer is the best decision businesses can make. We provide the most elegant interior design for the office. We provide our clients with budget-friendly and sophisticated services. We guarantee our clients a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and facilitate them with the vibe they want at their workplace.

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