10 Modern Restaurant Space Planning Ideas

A good restaurant with fabulous dining and mesmerizing ambiance is a must so that customers can enjoy their meals and make life-long memories. A modern restaurant should have a quality that remains expressive for guests. Designing an interior is the foundation of a restaurant, and one can only enjoy working or eating there when its ambiance and interior are up to the mark. This will affect guests and the staff working there, as a good environment pleases everyone and makes everything gentle. 

Designing a Modern Restaurant

A restaurant is a place where one can sit comfortably and enjoy their meal. At Greystone Infra, we aim to build and design an environment where one can feel good vibes while having a meal. We provide a refined, expressive casual interior focusing on customers’ requirements. 

Our company provides various services for interior designing, such as Design & Build, Design Consultancy, Project Management Consultancy, MEP Consultancy, and Space Planning.

Before implementing the interior design, space planning needs to be done as it is easy to visualize which thing should come where and what needs to be done accordingly. Our experts use Concept Sketches, 3D Visualizations, 2D plans, and Theme Boards for planning and visualizing purposes. 

Modern Design Ideas for Restaurant Space Planning

We have many ideas for restaurant interior design, which can be implemented on the projects according to the customers’ business requirements. Some of the modern design space planning ideas are as follows –

  • Make an Entrance – In this, we can work on what a customer sees when he walks and enters the restaurant. We can lighten the walkway or place a fountain or sculpture at the entrance. Also, ensure the restaurant’s name is visible from the street. 
  • Conveying the Theme With a Color – We can use contrasting colors to make the environment vibrant for the customers. We can also use some light colors like silver or white as light colors symbolize peace and harmony. Other colors can also be used according to the theme, such as green which is based on greenery. 
  • Using Sustainable Design Elements – It means we can use those materials which are maintained over time and may be reusable. For example, recycled furniture, plants, locally bought pieces, items that symbolize ethnicity, and natural items made up of bamboo, etc., are very eye-catching and unique. 
  • Adding the right amount of Art – It’s essential to choose which art to be done and in what amount, as sometimes the less amount makes a huge difference. For example, floral art and murals can be done in suitable amounts according to the theme.
  • Beautiful ceilings – We can design a mesmerizing interior by hanging decor such as lights, plants, and art pieces. 
  • Creating a Gallery wall – It looks beautiful to cover up the wall with various photos as it depicts some kinds of stories, which makes it relatable to the customers and seeks their attention.
  • By Making the Kitchen Visible – If the beautiful Kitchen is visible, it excites the customers when their food is prepared. 
  • Well-maintained Restrooms – Beautiful mirrors can be placed inside the restrooms so customers can click their selfies and post them on social media. This also excites the customers and can increase the crowd in the restaurant.
  • Include something Unique in your Restaurant – If your restaurant has some uniqueness, people will surely visit it. For example, a drink that lights on fire as customers love to take selfies with that.
  • More Greenery – People mostly like natural and green environments as it is relaxing and no suffocation is there. So we can put more plants in the restaurant for better design.

Why Choose Greystone?

Greystone, having a collective 20 years of experience, is an interior designing company in India that helps design the look and feel part of F&B, including restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, fast-food joints, pubs, catering businesses, etc. We also contribute to designing Retail and commercial projects. Designing offices and hotels is also done by Greystone.

Our clients prefer us due to our specialties. We have expertise in designing the interior and are passionate about it. We are very devoted to delivering the best possible ideas to bring creativity out of them. We believe in proper transparency; whatever we say, we deliver that only and remain on our word. We also go along with proper strategic planning and start designing that way only. We also have a competitive approach as we keep in mind customers’ needs and always try to deliver the project on time and with limited costs.

Choosing us can be the best choice for you as we guarantee elegant interior designing for your business and also keep reasonable pricing. 

10 Modern Office Design Ideas For An Inspiring Workplace

Everyone who visits your office observes an excellent design for the workspace. A comfortable and functional environment can increase productivity by putting things into perspective. Therefore, a good and sophisticated modern office design must be your preference.

Conventional office designs are not the latest market trend, and changing them is necessary for your business. Outdated designs can act as a repellant and do more harm than good. Old designs, such as cubicles, are suitable for privacy, but they isolate a person or group, adversely affecting the teamwork required to accomplish a task. Modern office designs are all about inclusivity which is crucial not only for productivity but for having a positive atmosphere at the workplace.

The modern design will facilitate you with the upbeat, collaborative environment you wish for at your workplace. The best design for an office is one that is stimulating and not suffocating, and good office design is a thing that serves both in-house and business aspects.

Transforming a dull office interior may sound overwhelming, but with the right interior designing ideas, you can have the workspace you desire. Interior designing for offices requires compliance with trending ideas and designs, and with the same, you will receive the best workspace.

  • Ergonomic Furniture

Office furniture should neither be too comfortable nor uncomfortable. Ergonomic furniture is the best choice for offices. It has been established that using an ergonomic chair at the office has long-term advantages, including fewer back problems, increased health, and better posture.

  • Space Lounge & Recreational Area

Employers must provide their staff with inviting lounges and recreational areas, providing the workplace with the required balance. These areas serve the need for socialization, which is essential for teamwork.

  • Biophilic Design Are Invigorating

Garden-like space in the office can provide the proximity to nature required for the overall well-being of a person. Organic materials like natural stone and wood can also serve the purpose.

  • Have Required Colors in the Office Space

Colors can significantly impact productivity as they foster favorable emotions in employees. Warm yellows can inspire optimism, creativity, and a sense of vitality, while natural-toned colors like green and blue can increase productivity and concentration. Therefore, selecting the right color for the office is vital.

  • Adaptable Modern Office Design

With the same, you can have a professional environment blended with a casual vibe. It allows workers to complete the tasks at a much faster pace as they will be able to move smoothly.

  • Open Modern Office Space Design

An open-plan office layout improves communication across the office. Instead of getting divided, staff feels they are part of the same team, which is good for teamwork spirit.

  • Transparency & Creative Dividers

Dividers must not look like “dividers,” and you should select one that does not affect the connectivity of employees. An open-plan look can also serve the purpose without any additional effects.

  • Entice Workers With Playful, Modern Office Décor

Instead of going for a mechanical environment, you must choose the one that positively affects your workers’ neurolinguistics. Such an office environment provides a vibe that makes employees feel excited about work.

  • Noise Reduction Features

These absorb unwanted and unfavorable sounds and echoes and provide calm and peaceful environments in the office. Installing panels on walls can serve the purpose.

  • The Exterior of the Office

The exterior of the office should be as good as the interior section. Good outdoors play an important role in providing the right vibe to anyone coming to your workplace.


Workspace interior designing and exterior both matter the most, and a person must focus on both. Interior design for the office should be done as per your need, and Greystone Infra is the best platform for interior designing for your workspace.

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